​ In our travels (Over 5000 manufacturing facilities) we know the formula that will help you succeed. 

We can quanitfy and help enact change. We understand the lean culture and how to effectivly convey this cultural message to help ensure long term, self-sustaining success. 

At The People of Manufacturing, LLC, we understand the total cost of ownership. With the total cost in mind and our attention to detail, we are able to map out the entire current state process' of almost any manufacturing process.


Process Mapping In-CNC includes: 

  • Button-To-Button Program Analysis

  • Multiple Machine Operations

  • Tool Room Consolidation and Organization

  • Tooling Optimization

Process Mapping Outside of Machines and other Non-CNC Manufacturing Operations:

  • Work Flow 

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Foot Step Reduction

  • Reverse Engineering

All of our services follow a standardized DMAIC process to ensure the success of every project with the deliverables being the documented proof of process improvement with a plan for continuous improvement after the contact is fulfilled.