Machining & Manufacturing Services

  • Coolant Services

    • Preventative Maintenance Cleaning ​

    • Turn-Key Coolant Mixing Solution Solution 

    • Concentration Tracking

    • 3rd Party Coolant Testing

  • Programming & Set Up Support

    • CAD/CAM Support

    • Button-To-Button Analysis

    • Tooling Geometry Support

    • Tool Sourcing 

    • Tool Storage Solutions

  • Process Engineering 

    • Process Mapping​

    • Supply Chain Optimization

    • Inventory Support and Organization

    • Lean and Six Sigma Signage

    • Foot Step Reduction 

    • Increased Square footage through organization

Anything from design, prototype and production. We can get you pointed in the right direction and reduce operating expenses to help you re-invest and compete against global outsourcing. Lets start exporting! 

We offer a full service Manufacturing Engineering for a wide variety of manufacturing process'

CNC Solutions

  • Tooling Optimization

    • New Technology​

    • Standardization

    • Program Support

    • Material Specific Solutions

      • Super Alloys

      • High Temp

      • Coated

      • Forged

      • Composites

      • Aluminum

      • Steel

      • Stainless Steel

      • Plastics

    • Tool Holding Solutions

    • Work Holding Solutions

    • Custom Tooling Needs 

With overwhelming evidence both generated by The People of Manufacturing own market data and research, proving the value of a skilled trades.
Our specialty is quickly deploying our training to make an immediate impact on our clients and participants life and business. 
We can react immediately to the needs of the industry through our various trainings.
With the option of training on site or as a community in a central location, we can show and PROVE the value of an educated highly skilled tradesman. 
The return on invesment is nearly immediate upon completion of our course. 

In certain instances our training programs at your facility may qualify for local or federal grants. Please contact us for more information and we can get you in touch with the right people. 

For a copy of our curriculum outline please click the link below and request our offering. We customize each training to suit the needs of each manufacturer. 

For all inquiries on our training services please contact us through the link below.