Manufacturing Consultant

n today's manufacturing climate, I observed a drastic need for help. With most Companies having lost several employees to retirement, a demand for skilled labor not being met by higher education institutions and a generational gap that used to be filled with intern and apprenticeships. Every day, decades of Trade knowledge leaves the industry, with little to none of this knowledge being left behind to help the new generation be successful.

I saw a drastic need to educate and share the knowledge that I have amassed through years of study, trial and error and education from some of the industries best Programmers, Engineers and Machinists that were willing to share their knowledge with me.

The practices I learned have helped manufacturers create immense increases in profits, create higher paying jobs and shore work that had previously been outsourced overseas.

It is my mission to help the next generation, update and teach the current generation and learn from past generations to avoid mistakes that have already been made.

I put everything on the line to start this firm. I have seen what needs to be done to make a change and I intend on doing just that. We are looking for more opportunities to prove this and help contribute to a better tomorrow for all of us.

Please visit our website and see more about the number of services we offer.

G-Rex Enterprise Consulting


Greg Serio

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