The Sound of Change (It's Getting Louder)

In my entrepreneurial journey thus far I have been told "No" more times than I can count, so good thing I am not counting.

Knowing that my vision and goal for this company is to build a School and save manufacturers, more specifically the people that work there, I have been told it is too big of a vision, too hard and some even said I was completely crazy and it is not worth saving.

I have had to politely disagree knowing that I believe in myself and my cause enough to continue the fight forward. I know the amount of lives I have already made an impact on just by even starting this adventure.

This week I got word that a large manufacturer in the area will be sending a lot of work overseas to China and there has been several lay-offs.

The pain of knowing this hit me hard, knowing that if we pulled together sooner we could have maybe prevented this. It is for these people, that I do this.

Pain is powerful, but if you look at the ones that made any kind of difference in this world, they used pain as a catalyst for change. Thick skin is earned and that is what is needed in this day and age.

I will have some big announcements in the coming weeks but for now I must keep it to myself but just know, to anyone that reads this, I have not slept much lately and have been busy building. Building a future for my family, and more importantly all the families that my company will help in the future.

This past week I started my blog and I will be doing stories, stories of the people in the industry that make it happen. Their hardships, their pain and more importantly their success'. Each week I will be talking about those around me on how U.S. Manufacturing enriched their lives and how the people before them influenced them to build a life in this world.

I will be posting them on my website along with company updates on our progress and sharing the link here.

Thank you for all the support and I have some amazing people backing me on this adventure who are just as passionate and 'crazy' as me.

Greg Serio

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