Before "The People of Manufacturing"

232 Days of self employment so far. Those have been the longest days of the 10,340 days of being alive.

Working around the clock for now money, working for something much bigger than a paycheck and having to constantly remind yourself that. Snap yourself out of the random funks and times of self-doubt.

Having a whole new appreciation and outlook on things really makes me feel pretty humble. I can see why the majority of start-ups fail, why small business is a major risk and leap of faith.

But since diving into a shallow pool of broken glass head first, I am confident to say that my company will be around for quite a while.

There are tons of big announcements coming and big change to follow. This right now, even though I am ridiculously busy, is the calm before the storm.

I know this time two weeks from now my life will never be the same. My company will start to transform from a start-up chock full of failures, to everything I ever dreamed this company could turn into.

To make it this far, I could not have done it without all of the support, family and friends who thought I was crazy but knew I believed in this and they believed in me. Respectable business men and women, that thought highly enough of me, to take what I had to say seriously.

And thank God for my thick skin and hard head. And for having the best support system anyone could ever f*$#%9% ask for.


So many cool stories to tell....

#manufacturing #bethechange #USA

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