The Future in Manufacturing

Change is something that can't be avoided.

Its how we embrace change, that can decide if the change will be viewed " Progress" or not.

We are all hurting in one way or another and have much more in common than some would have you think.

What is happening here and in my life is simply due, to the compassion and desire for change with a common goal in mind.

My progress as a company was contingent on me getting the support of the PEOPLE, the support of the men and women of all walks of life sold on my idea of change.

By being an effective listener, I could hear the pain in each persons voice. Even people that I may or may not disagree with, I still love them for them, because of thier experience.

Who am I to discount thier personal journey, but the more we are able to meet on safe ground our differences quickly became similarities.

Quickly morphed into common ground and the willingness to contribute to the same cause of driving change to the industry we all love.

In the beggining of this adventure called G-Rex Enterprise, all I had was an idea.

An Idea that spread the more I talked and more importantly, the more I listened.

For years, I was in a position that I was able to GIVE. Give without the expectation of a return simply because it made me feel good knowing that person would sleep a little bit better after I left them.

I am selfish by being SELFLESS, the feeling of giving is unlike any other.

Once I set out with a mission to "Be the change", I have to put myself in the passenger seat. Knowing I did not have the resources (Money) to do what I wanted to accomplish. I had to be able to receive from others.

That is something that was not natural for me, like giving was. I had to receive the criticism, receive the mocking and haters. But 98% of the time, I had to receive incredible opportunities, I had to be humble enough to let my pride aside and let the people that wanted to help

All I did was ask for help...Not money...but help.

Nearly everyone that I have pitched my mission to, wanted to contribute. Wanted to be part of something that was bigger than themselves.

What started here is so far beyond what I imagined for my company. But it was due to the fact that I knew when to shut the hell up and set my own thoughts aside and LISTEN.

Once I was able to do that, something incredible happened.

This movement has grown exponentially and will continue to do so. The fire that I have inside started to spread to those around me.

Free thought is now prevalent within my group, everyone knows that this is a safe forum to voice the hard thoughts that will drive us forward.

It became a safe zone and forum for an exchange of knowledge, a true collective of the best of the best.

I will put me and my team against anyone on earth with any amount of money because what happened here is so far beyond money that the only way this can be replicated, is if someone else does exactly what we did.

And in the event that happens, I will do everything in my power to make sure they are successful because that is the only way we as American's can "Be the Change"

Encourage your neighbor to be the best they can be in that moment, encourage the people that are scared to let them know they are not alone. To let them know that we are not that different, so long as each person can have the ability to listen to the other and accept that each of them are hurting.

And eye for an eye leaves this whole world blind.

Shut up and listen and you will amazed that we are all the same.

Hate is a path to the dark side, we have an opportunity to be above the politics and show that any color of skin, creed or religion can work together to make our world a better place for our sons and daughters.

Its our obligation really.

In the coming weeks, there will be some major announcements that I cant release just yet but I will stop at nothing to make sure I do my part for this small world we all share.


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