A World Downside Up.


Day 261

I am blessed to be surrounded by an amazing family and team that believe in the same vision, the same idea of change.

Yesterday during Thanksgiving, while I was cooking the last turkey at a house that was filled with the people closest to me. All I could think about was how lucky I am to have the people that are in my life. Business, Personal or otherwise.

While I was watching the sun set over the lake in the back yard of the house my kids spent the last 27 holidays and birthdays, I couldn't stop smiling thinking about the house me and my family will be in for thanksgiving next year. Where I get to continue the tradition of deep fried Cajun turkey, laughing and endless pies. I can feel the change in my bones, that addiction to success I heard so much about from the endless success meme's on my Instagram feed.

In that same moment, I realized I can wake up tomorrow knowing that I am "self made".

Then I started thinking about the word, 'Self Made' because there is NO way in hell I could have done it without the people. The people that mean the most to me, the people that sacrificed to help in MY journey, the people that stuck there neck out there for me to tee up an opportunity and the people that are not here now to see me get this far. The people that believed in me, sight unseen.

I saw what I wanted for those around me and chose the only path I knew on how to get them what they deserve.

Every day more and more people want to contribute, and each day still humbles me and I truly couldn’t have done it without the PEOPLE. Your words of encouragement help me in more ways than you know, you all know who you are.

Can't say it was easy to get to this point nor am I out of the woods. The ride is just starting, but I can promise what happens next will change lives.

Next blog is December 4th - Until then I will be busy building.



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