Humble, Hustle, Help - A Manufacturing Story

Humble, Hustle, Help.

Seems to be the formula for success. After my countless failures, I have figured out the formula that works. (For me at least)

I am having a hard time sleeping and easy time waking up in the morning, because I genuinely have no idea what could happen each day and I feel like I am playing the lottery with 50/50 odds of hitting the 8 figure jackpot.

In the beginning I thought I was being humble, but kept having humbling moments that would knock me on my ass.

I thought I was Hustling but found myself losing confidence as a subsequent side effect OF getting knocked on my ass.

Then I could not let go of what pride I had enough to ask for help, I was quick to give but hard to receive then we come back full circle to the first word….humble.

Being truly humbled by the people that I am surrounded by, it has become much more natural, I have to continue to hustle and put my passion out there for all to ridicule, and let go of my pride and became transparent enough to ask for help (I could still get better at this)

I ran out of gas months ago, I am exhausted, I am tired, but most importantly. I can go another 100,000 miles through this fire because you can't stop what is already here.

Too many people believed in me, in THIS, to go back now.

Thank you all for the support, you all know who you are and know that I truly could not do what I do without you. It is statistically impossible. When I was weak, you all were strong.

I am ready to walk in this, whatever this turns into WE are ALL ready.


#bethechange #manufacturing

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