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The readers of this blog are, for the most part, the people that believe in what happened here, some of you have known me since the beginning and know how long this process has taken.

Everyone reading this, please read this as if I am addressing this to you personally.

Like it is just you and me in a room together. You know who you are....

The revolution is not going to be televised, it's going to be shared.

Building a garden starts with a seed.

As people, we progressed so fast, that being patient has become a skill set. Simply based on my failures, my ultimate strength came from the one skill set that I mastered.....patience.

"Trust the process" they said. So I did.

And guess's working...

You know what we went through together, all the moments in life that would cripple most.

You lost family, friends, your jobs, your everything.

I watched you lose a piece of yourself but you never gave up. You know what you are worth. You held to it. You hustled til your knuckles were bloody to get what you deserve.

To live that life we used to day dream about together.

You are bullet proof.

Your success and triumphs are my fuel.

Your pain and pitfalls are my motivation.

Your dreams are my inspiration.

At this point, the roots are beginning to grow on their own. So many "small world" moments are happening.

People that you have been living next to for years but had no idea how close you were this whole time. No idea how much a 'stranger' can impact your life. Subtle butterfly affects to pay attention to.

Things are about to change big time for us. Things that have happened, happening and will happen are all based on the fact that, if you give you will never need. A process that I needed to trust knowing it is the only way I could build this in such a limited time frame.

We only get one shot.

Be honest with your intentions, upfront. Believe and wait for someone to call you out and show them what you are made of.

315 days ago I KNEW it would get to this point because I am willing to walk through fire to make it happen, and if it wasn't going to be me, then I KNEW I would meet the person that could make it happen.

You helped contribute to me becoming the person I used to only see in my minds eye.

You are the Catalyst that started everything.

Thank you

#bethechange #manufacturing #revolution

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