Building a future in Manufacturing

Each passing day the stakes are getting higher.

Everything I once saw in my minds eye is unfolding in front of me. Each day the fire gets bigger.

Meeting hundreds of new and amazing people, I once thought didn't exist in this harsh world of ours.

This entire operation that is forming was 100% built by people. As I came to each of you, I was honest. I wanted you to know that I will do what it takes to make this happen and I can't do it without your help.

Its proven that a team of misfits that work flawlessly together can outwork and out preform all the "A" teams of the world.

No time for ego, no time for bullshit. Just pure upfront honesty so we can get down to the task at hand.

I will put money on this team over any on earth. Hands down. There is absolutely nothing we can't accomplish together.

You are helping me a create a world where everyone's full potential can be realized.

A world of innovation geared towards becoming the best person we know we can be.

Imagine something and lets build it. We know we can, so why listen to the people who say we cant?

Eventually "they" will want to help too. The claims are huge and grandiose but feel free to ask me "How" and clear your schedule for an hour if/when you decide to ask.

We live in a world now where negativity spreads instantly. So we had to work that much harder to make sure our fire was brighter than theirs.

It has been my intense pleasure to watch each of you thrive. I see the HOPE and fire in your eyes.

You want this now more than I do, you want this so bad that you are preforming at your peaks.

Things that used to bother you are running off like water.

Things that used to be hard for you are easy, things that you used to "want to do" are now "done".

You are becoming unstoppable at all you do and have become leaders. Not top down, but from the ground up. Leading from behind. Leading with the fire that has been growing inside of you.

You all allowed me into each of your worlds and told me what it is in life that inspires you. I saw the fire ignite in each of you as you spoke and your dreams became mine.

Most chuckled when I tell them I planed on starting an industrial revolution and needed their help. I laughed too for a long time.

Now I just smile. Knowing what is about to happen and the whole thing is 100% dependent on the people who's fires are raging right now. Statistically there is no way to stop what is starting here.

Know that.

It gives me goosebumps to think the new world we have a chance build.

Not wanting to build a Nascar to race, but to build the track itself.

All of our long talks, all of our moments of weakness. We powered through it.

I know what you all want in life and I can assure you, if I get it. You do too.

I asked each of you what your dreams are, if you could do whatever you want in life, what would it be?

Believe me, It is hard for me to forget all of those beautiful dreams and that FIRE that I saw ignite in you. That fueled MY flame to the point I have energy that I did not know existed.

You WILL make your children proud, you WILL reshape the future.

The vision is massive. No doubt. But very attainable.

Do not ever doubt what you are capable of. Nothing is impossible if you're willing to put in the work to make it happen.

Lets get it. Give with no expectations and lets turn this world upside down and set it on fire.

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