A Manufacturing Story

As I push forward on this final stretch to the next chapter of TPOMFG, the possibilities are endless, so many potential directions.

Missing the superbowl for the first time in my life, a price paid knowing it's a few hours I can use to catch up to those ahead of me.

That place all wanderers know is out there, but very few reach. That point where you know you have "arrived".

With everything in my minds eye, years of patience and perseverance, I had wandered to the point of no return.

Right before you cross "that point" your body continues to function on sheer endorphin's and your mind begins to fight you one last time.

That dream killer called "self-doubt" tries to set in one last time, to try and convince you that you are not worth what is about to happen to you.

That last bit of fear tries to settle in. It tells you to "STOP" by putting that nauseous pit in your stomach, telling you to run back to the safe life you once knew.

If you are feeling like that, take all those feelings and start to think of your journey.

Think of the personal Goliaths you have already destroyed.

Think of the mountains you have already climbed.

Think of the mountains you BUILT.

I was already warned that I would miss the struggle, so enjoy these feelings. Know that you are already there and your own personal tomorrow land could be waiting on the other side of today.

What I can tell you, is plow through this last bit of pain, think of how far you have come.

Stare at the face of the demons that haunt you one last time and smile. Look it in the eyes, and make it disappear.

The place we wandered to is a place that only dreamers can find. The "Crazy" ones that have the potential to make a true difference.

As I wandered, I started the journey alone and terrified. Scared of my own shadow really.

Everyday being longer than the day before. I just kept wandering.

Rather than fight that pit, and take the safe road, I embraced that feeling as my compass.

In this journey I continued to run into other wanderers who had a similar compass and passion for living as I do.

Similar visions.

By wandering together, we were able to start to tell the other wanderers out there about where we are heading.

Each of us ready and anxious to show the world what we can do.

PROVE that what we imagine, we can build.

I am truly blessed to have these incredible people find me in each of their journey's.

I am even more humbled that they WANT to help in mine.

'Bout time to get after it, these blogs and all of my content will be changing rapidly and we are ready to walk in this and start the real work on the foundation we built.

March is going to be explosive.

Be ready.

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