- Design for Manufacturing

Aside from a huge skills gap that looms over our manufacturers shop floors, another huge pain point comes during the design process of any given mechanical part.

The manufacturing process is complex and diverse, so many engineers lack the understanding of the total cost that goes into making the part that is being designed.

On the other side of that coin, many machinists lack the understanding of how a mechanical part is designed and engineered.

The best engineers I have worked with are those who understand what happens down the line after they complete their design.

This understanding drastically increases that employers ROI and streamlines production for maximum output.

That being said, it has been my pleasure to meet Tony Glocker and the team at Solid Professor.

After using Solid Professor's online CAD/CAM training, I have been very impressed with the structure and I am firm believer that their offering can provide a pivotal bridge for all engineers and shop floors across the US. This bridge can shorten the gap between departments and create higher profits and growth of the manufacturing sector.

Please click the link below to register for this free panel discussion webinar.


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